Mohammed Shaibu's Soyaya


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 Call me for the best entertainment from Africa by Africans.   All original music.

                       Mohammed Shaibu's Bio 

  Born in Ghana West Africa: Mohammed Shaibu leads my band Soyaya, with virtuoso guitar; dynamic talking drums and endearing vocals: The name Soyaya, means love and affection in my Hausa language of West Africa.  The music of Soyaya, is a combination of Palmwine and Highlife. Is the indigenous African rhythm and blues.  Backing me up,are Yaw Amponsah from Ghana on the Asante drums/Etienne Capko from Benin on the Ewe drums and vocals/Thierno Diop from Senegal on the Bugrubu/And guest.  The famous people I play with,are O.J. Ekemode and the Nigerian Allstars/Tony Allen of Fela Kuti's band/Shakata/ I.K.Diaro the great juju master/Baba Olatunje and many more.